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Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

A living archive of creative and critical responses to the Occupy Wall Street movement by THE NEW SCHOOL community.

3/23/12  | 6:00-8:00PM

Free Speech with a Camera

How have activists, artists, and documentarians used the power of a camera to communicate political speech? School of Media Studies faculty members Deanna Kamiel and Deirdre Boyle will discuss historic and ongoing efforts to record protest.

They will show clips from recent documentaries about the Saffron Revolution in Burma, the Ukraine’s Orange revolution, and the civil rights movement in the United States as well as cell phone protests in Cairo and recent films of Occupy Wall Street. They will speak about the relationship of art and activism and discuss some ethical and legal caveats when shooting on the street and in the face of opposition. And they will engage participants in a dialogue about the risks of becoming citizen reporters and the power of “small media” to effect social change.

Deirdre Boyle is the author of Subject to Change: Guerrilla Television Revisited (Oxford UP), a history of ‘70s community video, and is the Director of the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies at The New School.

Deanna Kamiel is Assistant Professor in the School of Media Studies at the New School for Public Engagement. Her documentary film Nuclear Outpost is currently on display at The Museum of Modern Art’s new Media Lounge.

LOCATION: 66 5th avenue, room 404.
(film still from Jem Cohen’s “Gravity Hill Newsreels: Occupy Wall Street, Series 1” (2011))