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Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

A living archive of creative and critical responses to the Occupy Wall Street movement by THE NEW SCHOOL community.

Voices Un/Heard

BriCollab Art Collective (Mert Izcan, Piril Gunduz, Daniel Kim, and Cem Kocyildirim)

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As BriCollab Art Collective, we propose to a create a symbolic performance piece realized by unlimited volunteers and all the New School students that is aided by an audio piece that would remain in the gallery after and before the performance piece.

Before the exhibition, by the use of ‘democracy boxes’ throughout the campus and social media, we will collect TNS community’s voices, thought, ideas, comments, and complaints about OWS and what OWS stands for. Editing them together, cacophonous sound will be created. During the performance, the performers, using OWS’s methodologies like ‘human microphone’ and ‘progressive stack’ in a rotating choreography will make the voices heard. (Cacophony is the criticism of OWS – their methodologies that we borrow is limited in its ability to give voice-­‐ one thing to be aware and avoid is to create the illusion of the voices are reaching out.)

Call for performers will be done before or during the exhibition dates. The exhibition can be a recurring event such as once a week, and in every performance, the ‘voices’ can be changing according to the submissions in democracy boxes on campus and online throughout the week of the performance.

This performance and permanent audio piece can be extended to the outside of the gallery, by sharing the voices in certain medium -­‐not in cacophony but as separate in a web page which could grow with new sharings after the exhibition.